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The restore from draft option is an excellent idea. I was offered this option on opening my journal and I clicked it from curiousity. It immediately restored an entry that I do not remember making - nor had I remembered the chocolates, until I re-read what follows.

I received an anonymous box of chocolates on February 14th, with a card saying that they were a token of someone's appreciation. I am psychologist, not a psychiatrist, and I am most certainly not a psychic, but I had a feeling of suspicion about the motives of the donor, whoever they were. (The writing was nothing like Agent Murphy's. I could read it quite clearly.)

Oddly enough Agent Riley Finn seemed to have obtained an identical box for the object of his infatuation. It was not particularly difficult to switch the boxes while he was instructing Gates on the areas to be patrolled during and after full moon. It would have been interesting to see what effect, if any, they might have had on the indestructible slayer... So far I have heard nothing.

I had expected Agent Finn to try to avoid duty on Valentines Day, but the roster is unchanged. I could not put my finger on what was bothering me until I realized that there are were very few social activities. The Bronze had a Valentines Day dance on the preceding Saturday but the Inn did not.

There is something - I can't put my finger on it, but it bothers me. Did something happen at that time?
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