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According to Agent Murphy, Agent Frobisher reported from that Na Gurnaidh place by cell-phone, the message came later then we had expected. Murphy claims that he recorded what he could. Na Gurnaidh is oddly placed, spacially. It should not have been a surprise that the quality of the message is so bad.

Agent Frobisher had little difficulty in gaining entry to the place but then found that the area he had accessed was full of some kind of white mist. The only thing he could be sure of was that it was not steam - or rather, that it was not warm and there seemed to be little or no condensation.

We then had to piece events together from a kind of running commentry by the agent as events took place. There seemed to be a voice calling for help. Frobisher stated that he was following the sound and he was entering a different part of the building; then there were a series of crashes. Frobisher swore quite loudly and then there were more thumps.

At this point I am uncertain why he stunned an employee of Na Gurnaidh and whether he did so deliberately. However, he then grunted and commented as he lifted the man into a chair and taped his wrists and hands to the arms of the chair in a standard restrainer hold.

At that point the man apparently started to stir. Frobisher put a strip of tape over the man's eyes so that he would be not recognised if the mist cleared. I would have questioned why he had not done so already, but it was clear that the mist was so thick that he had to grope to find the face.

I am unsure whether he also taped the mouth. At that point Agent Frobisher apparently dropped the tape. He was groping for it and then - a male voice cried out and there was a hissing growl (or possibly the sound of an office chair grating across a floor; it is better not to be too imaginative.) There were a few unidentifiable thumps and then the phone fell, or possibly something struck it.

There is nothing else on the tape that is worth transcribing.

I wonder who is actually behind the Na Gurnaidh faculty? The DNA results on that "chicken" do imply...



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