Nov. 27th, 2006

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Agent Gates made a fascinating find down by the Fish Tank Bar. A youth had two small creatures that looked very like the illustrations of Lovecraft's Cthulhu!

They were like nothing known to mundane science and, although I had never thought of the oceanic "big bads" as likely to become parents i suppose that they do reproduce.

If it had occurred to me earlier I think I would have imagined the Cthulhu as broadcast spawners, or just possibly monogamous mated pairs. The HSTs that Gates had obtained were very small, but they did show some signs of borderline sentinience.

They may be very young. They show distress if left in silence so we placed them in a small tank in the kitchen, where the sounds of running water seemed to comfort them. I wonder if they could adapt to fresh water?
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The creatures adapt quite well to HST mix 6 0-neg kibble, provided that it is well-soaked. As Agent Quill pointed out, they may not have teeth but they have a very powerful suck. His fingernail should grow back in due course. There was no discernable trace of toxin but we have him in quaranine.

They are really quite interesting and very graceful when in motion. The face tentacles waver when the trunk is at rest, but move only with the motion of the body when swimming. They come up to the glass and mouth at it when a human is near, very like goldfish.
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The redder of the two water-beasts actually seems to know humans apart. It dislikes men and shows a marked preference for the female voice.


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